​​​The Vertical Mill with a 3HP continuous duty motor requires only 220-volt single phase power.  Features variable spindle speed controlled with the turn of a handle.   Spindle brake allows easier tool changes and quick spindle stops.  DRO for X and Y Axis and integrated coolant system with splash guard.

​​​The 4x8 ATC CNC Routerwith integrated vacuum table can automatically change tooling in seconds.  Runs on 220-volt 3-phase power with a powerful 10hp air-cooled spindle. Servo motors ensure smooth running at fast and slow speeds.  It has a fully-welded steel frame, powerful 7hp vacuum, 4 vacuum zones and dust shroud.

The combo Mill Drill Lathe with MT-2 taper includes 2 independent 1hp motors and 2 DRO's to precisely repeat cuts.  Runs on 110-volts.  Features adjustable lathe speed from 50 to 2,500 rpm's.  Includes 3-jaw and 4-jaw chucks to hold both square and rounded materials.  

​​​The Metal Lathe with a quick-change tool post runs on 220-volt single-phase power.  Features coolant system, foot brake, 70 to 1,400 rpm variable speed, 3-jaw and 4-jaw chucks can hold square and rounded materials.  Integrated gear system allows for taping, turning and polishing.

water jet

CNC Routers 

​​The 4x4 CNC Water Jet has the ability to cut glass, granite, ceramic, plastic, foam, mild steel, stainless steel, titanium, aluminum and copper.  Runs on 460-volt 3-phase power with a 55,000psi Hammelmann direct drive pump.  Cantilever design for more accuracy and easy material loading and unloading.

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CNC Plasma 


The 4x8 CNC Router with welded steel frame if perfect for solid wood processing.  Stepper motors with square rails ensure smooth movement along the X, Y and Z axes.   Includes 7.4hp air-cooled spindle, solid steel gantry, handheld digital controller, steel T-clamps and 10 different tooling profiles.  Optional vacuum pump available.

​​​The 4x8 CNC Plasma with integrated water table and varialbe height control, makes perfect cuts in uneven material.  Runs on 220-volt single-phase power with programmable X and Y axis control.  The steel frame will remain straight and accurate.  X, Y and Z axes are controlled by quality stepper motors, allowing for fast and fluid movement.