​​​The Dremel 3D20 is Dremel's most reliable, low-cost printer. The 3D20 comes fully assembled with 100 micron resolution and intuitive touchscreen.  It is perfect for those that are new to 3D printing. 
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​​​The Dremel 3D45 features a 5-inch, full-color touch screen that can be used to select models to build, control the build process, view the build status, and much more. It has a fully enclosed build volume for better prints, better safety and less chance for warping. A carbon filter and particulate filter are also built in. Wi-Fi connectivity, built-in HD camera and remote printing software are included so you can monitor your prints from anywhere. Click here for more information.

​​​The Dremel LC40 Laser Engraver is easy to use and built to last.  The LC40 has an LCD touch screen, onboard software and high resolution smart camera. Click here for more information.

​​​The Dremel 3D40 FLEXis Dremel's easiest to use 3D printer that gets you printing effortlessly. Complete with a flexible build plate, 30% faster printing and 50 micron print resolution. 

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