Zing Laser

The Zing's high-speed stepper motors provide high-resolution engraving and cutting quality. A low cost for a high performance laser.  Available in 16" & 24".​​   Click here for more information.

We offer BOFA Fume Extractor Systems. 
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Fusion Pro

The newest addition to the product line, the Fusion Pro Laser is available in 32" x 20" and 48" x 36" bed sizes and offers Epilog's highest engraving and cutting speeds.  

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Mini 18 & Mini 24

The Mini does not compromise on features, quality, or build ability and is a truly an affordable small format laser system.  

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Helix 24

The Helix is the most complete laser system in its class, at a price you can afford. It has a large 24" x 18" engraving area and has a wide variety of special features that are included as standard features, not options.  

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​Epilog Laser provides a wide range of lasers from compact tabletop to large format laser systems.