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Ashley Furniture is utilizing Formlabs printers.

The NEW Form 3 and Form 3L are powered by the advanced Low Force Stereolithography (LFS) technology that offers groundbreaking print quality and printer reliability, along with lighter supports, advanced sensing and alerts, user-replacement printer components for easy maintenance, and a wide range of material possibilities.  (The Form 3L will be available in January, 2020)   Click here for more information.


17145 W Bluemound Rd  Suite J-276  Brookfield, WI 53005

Form Wash and Form Cure Stations

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The Form 2 is engineered for precision and designed for reliability, it is the gold standard for professional desktop 3D printing.  Incredible Resolution and Surface Finish: Using industrial-grade stereolithography (SLA) technology, the Form 2’s powerful optical engine delivers laser-sharp prints with spectacular detail.  The Form 2 comes with wireless connectivity and a touch-screen display. Upload over Wi-Fi, manage consumables and track your print history through the cloud-based Dashboard tool, and receive notifications when your prints complete.​  Click here for more information.