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  Available Add-Ons:

​​            Laser Engravers:    Afinia Emblaser                                  Epilog 




            Vinyl Cutter:                                                Furniture:


​​​​​We are your experts in Kids Lab equipment purchasing, planning, implementation, training and service.  We will come out to your site, discuss your vision, recommend equipment options, train staff and provide ongoing service and support. 

KIDS LAB cultivates excitement in technology by involving students in creative thinking, problem solving and collaboration through discovery-based learning.  Kids Lab provides fun and engaging curriculum for K-8 students.​

  The Basic Kids Lab includes:

​​            3D Printers                                               Mobile STEM Labs  

            Afinia H400+                                             Kid Spark ROK Blocks & 

                                                                              Kid Spark SnapStacks                                                                                            


            Electronics                                              Software

            Sphero-little Bits                                       SolidWorks Apps for Kids